R2C2 and Feedback on Role Play

Portfolio Scholar
R2C2 Primer (190.16 KB)

R2C2 Primer - Facilitator Feedback (download above)

R2C2  is an evidence-informed model for facilitating performance feedback and coaching for change that has been adapted, with permission, for use with medical students. This model is a useful resource for Academy Scholars to use during their Progress Review session.

Video 1: Student Interview

This first video provides an introduction to the components of the Portfolio program across the 4 years of medical school and the R2C2 model of facilitated feedback. It describes how small group thematic sessions foster reflection and the basis of relationships which are essential to facilitated feedback discussions during one on one progress review meetings.

Video 2: Senior Scholar Engaged in Facilitated Feedback

This second video demonstrates the role of the Academy Scholar as coach, using the R2C2 model during a progress review meeting. The student comes prepared with a personal learning plan. The coach uses the R2C2 model to guide the student in exploring her reactions to and understanding the content of assessments and feedback, and to revise the plan for performance change.

Video 3: Feedback on Role Play

During this final video, Joan Sargeant, the educational scholar who created the R2C2 model, dissects and provides feedback to the Academy Scholar and student on the progress review meeting.

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