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Our Education Mission

Our Education Mission

In alignment with Temerty Medicine’s vision to “be an unparalleled force for new knowledge, better health and equity” and “cultivate and bring to life ideas that impact scholarship and society through unprecedented collaboration drawing in the diverse voices of our research, learning and clinical network”, the mission of the medical education portfolio is to prepare and support medical learners across the continuum to be:

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Clinically competent and prepared for future learning
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Ethical decision-makers dedicated to acting in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism, including the principles and practices of social justice, equity and anti-oppression
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Advocates for, leaders in and stewards of the public health care system, including the provision of socially accountable and equitable health care
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Engaged in integrated, team-based care in which patient needs are addressed in a culturally safe, relationship-centred and holistic manner
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Actively learning from and responding to novelty, ambiguity and complexity in their professional work
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Self-aware and mindful of their well-being and that of everyone involved in the health care system and education of health professionals
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Capable of and committed to contributing to knowledge production and innovation that enhances medical education as well as individual and public health

This mission to prepare and support medical learners across the continuum includes extra-curricular programming and supports as well as faculty development and professional development opportunities and resources.

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