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2022-2023 Medical Education Annual Report

Message from the Vice Dean of Medical Education

Dr. Patricia Houston

Welcome to the 2022-2023 annual report for the Office of the Vice Dean, Medical Education. This series of reports highlights selected innovations and achievements in and across the MD Program, Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). It also includes messages from the Associate Dean, Learner Affairs and Director, Integrated Physician Scientist Training Program.

The Office of the Vice Dean, Medical Education was established in July, 1 2020, with a mandate to provide strategic and operational leadership for the alignment, integration and harmonization of learner supports and programs, faculty processes, and systems across the continuum of medical education. The continuum of medical education is inclusive of the full cycle of learning from application to medical school through completion of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and into lifelong continuing professional development.

As described in this series of reports, a good deal has been accomplished over the past year to advance the medical education portfolio, including program-specific innovations. Building upon those and other innovations, we engaged in a robust engagement process over the past year to inform development of the inaugural Medical Education Strategic Plan 2023-2025. This plan is organized according to the following three overarching strategic priorities:

  • Transformative Teaching, Learning and Education Scholarship
  • Inclusive and Supportive Environments and Community
  • Collaborative Teams and Integrated Operations

The plan also includes nine strategic initiatives focused on opportunities for alignment, integration and/or harmonization. Achievement of these strategic initiatives will be supported by specific implementation actions, each with dedicated leadership. Further details about these implementation actions are provided in the full version of the Medical Education Strategic Plan.

The importance of building community within and across medical education was something we heard throughout the strategic planning engagement process. With that in mind, the plan includes a foundational priority that is integral to its success: we will continuously monitor, report on and improve our strategy and actions. This foundational priority of continuous engagement and improvement will also help promote cross-portfolio collaboration and build community in an ongoing and meaningful way.

The Medical Education Strategic Plan 2023-2025 is designed to help us move forward in fulfilling our mandate, but such movement would not be possible without the day-to-day activities and operations that are essential to our collective success. It would also not be possible without the administrative staff, which is why establishing, supporting and valuing opportunities for administrative staff talent development, recognition and engagement is included in the plan as a specific initiative.

As detailed throughout this Annual Report, each of the units that comprise the medical education portfolio have priorities and goals informed by and specific to their respective mandates, in addition to the initiatives and actions identified in the Medical Education Strategic Plan. One thing that brings us together is our collective commitment to ensuring the best possible learning and working experience across the medical education continuum, informed by our shared Education Mission. This Education Mission also connects us with a larger medical education community, which is inclusive of learners, administrative staff, faculty and education leaders across Temerty Medicine and at our hospital partners.

We are committed to working to promote, advance and support alignment, integration and harmonization across the continuum as well as innovative approaches to teaching, learning and scholarship in health professions education. I would like to thank all members of the medical education community for showing me what is possible, and demonstrating over and over again that by working together we can achieve the kind of success that makes Temerty Medicine a recognized and progressive leader in medical education.

Professor Patricia Houston
Vice Dean, Medical Education
Temerty Faculty of Medicine

2022-2023 Updates


Thank you to the Medical Education Annual Report Steering Committee and all those who contributed to the content and design of this year’s report – Caroline Abrahams, Mark Bennett, Roberta Brown, Christopher Chipman, Maya Collum, Jennifer Croke, Trevor Cuddy, Adrienne Fung, Meredith Giuliani, Charlie Guiang, Patricia Houston, Erin Howe, Janine Hubbard, Melissa Hynes, Gina John, Nicola Jones, Judy Kapelow, Marcus Law, Anne Matlow, Chelsea Matson, Lynsey Mellon, Maureen Morris, Laura Leigh Murgaski, Morag Paton, Reena Pattani, Tony Pignatiello, Linda Probyn, Suzan Schneeweiss, Charlene Sturge, Paul Tonin, Branden Wesseling.

And thank you to all members of the medical education community who contribute to the continued success of the MD Program, PGME and CPD, both as individual programs and as partners in the continuum of medical education.