Sep 27, 2016

The Office of Faculty Development is pleased to offer an introductory e-learning module for CBL tutors. This e-module covers a variety of topics to help you prepare for your role as a CBL tutor. Topics include:

  • Background and rationale for the launch of the new Foundations Curriculum;
  • What is CBL?
  • How to be a CBL tutor
  • Experiences and suggestions from CBL tutors involved in last year’s CBL pilots

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NB: We are aware of an issue in the emodule that allows more than one video to play at once in some browsers. We are working on fixing the issue. In the meantime, if possible, please use Internet Explorer (IE) if you are using a PC computer, and Chrome if you are using a Mac. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have a resolution soon.

We continue to make upgrades and improvements to this E-module.   If you have previously opened the e-module or if you have difficulty with loading pages, you may need to refresh your browser. Click here to see a website with instructions on refreshing browsers: http://www.wikihow.com/Force-Refresh-in-Your-Internet-Browser

Case-Based Learning (CBL) Tutor
Sep 27, 2016

This E-Learning Module has been designed to provide preceptors with a detailed overview of the Faculty of Medicine's Longitidinal Integrated Clerkship (LInC).

The E-module consists primarily of videos presented by the LInC Leads.

It will take approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to go through all the material.

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Clerkship Preceptor, Longitidinal Integrated Clerkship (LInC) Preceptor
Sep 27, 2016

The Health Science Researcgh course is a second year course in the MD Program that provides students with an introduction to the principles of research, and is directed at helping students understand and use research to contribute to improving the health of people and populations.

The major teaching modalities employed in the HSR course are:

  • E-modules - the core currciulum of he course
  • small group tutorials
  • the Practicum Exercise

This e-learning module is designed to help students and faculty understand the practicum exercise, a major component of the HSR course. The e-learning module will address:

  • What is the Practicum Exercise?
  • Why is the Practicum Exercise important?
  • How will the student and tutor navigate their way through the development of the Practicum Exercise?


Click the link to view the e-learning module:



Health Science Research (HSR) Tutor
Sep 27, 2016

This 2-page document will provide you with a brief snapshot of the role of CBL in the new Foundations Curriculum, what you can expect as a CBL tutor and steps to help you prepare for delivering your CBL session.

This document also includes links to some short videos, an overview of the CBL learning activities in a typical week, and a sample preview of a virtual patient eModule, and more information on Discovery Learning.

Case-Based Learning (CBL) Tutor, Curriculum Development
Sep 27, 2016

This 2-page document will provide faculty who teach large class lectures with a brief snapshot of the role of lectures in the new Foundations Curriculum and some steps to help design and deliver interactive and engaging lectures for active learning.

Curriculum Development, Large Group Lecturers
Sep 28, 2016

This document is designed for MMMD Clinical Decision Making Workshop Facilitators. It provides essential information on the rational and purpose of Workshops and highlights important tasks and guidelines that facilitators will need to consider when preparing to deliver Clinical Decision Making Workshops.

Oct 20, 2016

To support your teaching of Problem-Based Learning tutorials in the MMMD course, we have put together Faculty Development “EduPodcast”. This podcast are designed to provide you with an overview of the course, information on how to conduct a typical PBL session and some tips for teaching excellent PBL.

Oct 31, 2016

For those involved in teaching and assessment question writing in the Foundations Curriculum, the following video provides helpful tips for writing effective multiple choice questions.

Curriculum Development
Oct 31, 2016

R2C2  is an evidence-informed model for facilitating performance feedback and coaching for change that has been adapted, with permission, for use with medical students. This model is a useful resource for Academy Scholars to use during their Progress Review session.

Academy Scholar
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