Thursday, October 20, 2016

Teaching, Learning, and Assessing Professionalism

*General - for all faculty
Academy Scholar
Case-Based Learning (CBL) Tutor
Clerkship Preceptor
Clinical Skills Tutor
Community, Populations and Public Health (CPPH) Tutor
Community-Based Service Learning (CBSL) Supervisor
Enriching Educational Experience (EEE) Supervisor
Ethics Tutor
Health Science Research (HSR) Tutor
Large Group Lecturers
Longitidinal Integrated Clerkship (LInC) Preceptor
Transition to Residency (TTR)
Transition to Clerkship (TTC)
Portfolio Year 4
Portfolio Year 3
Portfolio Year 2
Health Sciences Research Year 2
Concepts Patients and Community Year 1 (CPC1)
Community, Population and Public Health Year 2 (CPC2)
Clerkship Years 3 & 4
Introduction to Medicine (ITM)
Portfolio Year 1
Longitidinal Integrated Clerkship (LInC)


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