Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Practicum Exercise: Health Science Research Course

Health Science Research (HSR) Tutor
Health Sciences Research Year 2


The Health Science Researcgh course is a second year course in the MD Program that provides students with an introduction to the principles of research, and is directed at helping students understand and use research to contribute to improving the health of people and populations.

The major teaching modalities employed in the HSR course are:

  • E-modules - the core currciulum of he course
  • small group tutorials
  • the Practicum Exercise

This e-learning module is designed to help students and faculty understand the practicum exercise, a major component of the HSR course. The e-learning module will address:

  • What is the Practicum Exercise?
  • Why is the Practicum Exercise important?
  • How will the student and tutor navigate their way through the development of the Practicum Exercise?


Click the link to view the e-learning module:



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