Office of Faculty Develpment

About Us

The Office of Faculty Development offers a variety of opportunities to help medical educators  prepare for their teaching roles in the MD Program at the University of Toronto

We offer a wide range of faculty development activities that are designed specifically to support faculty members and help them to navigate their undergraduate teaching responsibilities in the Foundations (preclerkship) and clerkship curriculum. Faculty Development oppportunities include, but are not limited to:


          Course Introduction and Orientation sessions

          Small Group Workshops

          Local course specific just-in-time “EduCafes”


          Education Modules

          Instructional Videos

          Electronic Newsletters


The Office provides faculty development opportunities across all four academies, including the FitzGerald, Mississauga, Peters-Boyd and Wightman-Berris Academies and their affiliated hospital sites. All faculty members are welcome to attend.

The Office of Faculty Development, MD Program is accredited by Continuing Education and Professional  Development at the University of Toronto.